Arbutus: Celebrating Time with Passion and Precision.

Our Story

From the humble beginnings as a watchmaking apprentice to becoming a notable brand owner, Arbutus epitomizes relentless progress. The brand's trajectory exemplifies the intricate craftsmanship needed to achieve a seamless fusion of visual elegance and practical functionality. Arbutus has revolutionized the concept of luxury, making premium quality watches accessible to everyone.

Our Philosophy

Crafting More Than Just Timepieces

At Arbutus, we believe a watch is not just a tool for telling time; it's a symbol of one's taste, a piece of art, and a companion through life's journeys. This belief drives our dedication to precision, quality, and design, ensuring each Arbutus watch is an embodiment of excellence.

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Details are everything. Every angle is taken into consideration, down to the finishing of dial layers.



Durability is an important aspect in watchmaking. By utilizing stainless steel, ceramic, sapphire crystal, bronze and more, longevity is not an issue.



Choosing the right closure for a watch depends on the style, but most importantly, comfort. Taking into consideration of the watch weight, type of attachment and thickness of the case, different buckles are used.