Sapphire Coating: The Shield of Modern Watches

Sapphire Coating: The Shield of Modern Watches

Elegance and Endurance: The Rise of Sapphire-Coated Watch Crystals

When you think of luxury watches, several aspects might spring to mind: meticulous craftsmanship, timeless design, and, of course, the precision of timekeeping. Yet, there's another factor that discerning watch enthusiasts often consider: the watch crystal. In the horological world, sapphire-coated mineral crystals are gaining increasing admiration for their blend of durability and elegance. But why?

"Sapphire crystal is three times harder than mineral crystal and only surpassed by diamonds in terms of hardness," as highlighted by the renowned watch information source, WatchTime.

Understanding the Crystal Hierarchy

Three primary materials dominate the world of watch crystals: Acrylic, Mineral, and Sapphire. Acrylic is plastic and is used in more affordable watches; it scratches easily but can be polished. Mineral glass, found in mid-range watches, is more scratch-resistant than acrylic but can still be susceptible to dings and scrapes.

Sapphire, on the other hand, stands atop the pyramid. Hodinkee, a respected voice in the watch community, often touches on the superiority of sapphire crystals in their articles, underscoring its scratch resistance and clarity.

Why Sapphire Coating on Mineral Glass?

Combining the best of both worlds, a sapphire-coated mineral glass brings together the scratch-resistance of sapphire with the affordability and shatter-resistance of mineral glass. The fusion results in a watch face that's not only clear but also durable.

Arbutus's decision to employ this technology in their Manhattan AR1903 timepiece subtly emphasizes their commitment to providing luxury with longevity. The wearer not only enjoys the aesthetic clarity of the watch face but also rests assured that the same clarity will endure over time.


A Testament to Arbutus's Vision

While sapphire coating might seem like a small detail to the uninitiated, true watch aficionados recognize its significance. It represents a brand's dedication to preserving the beauty and functionality of its timepieces. And in the case of Arbutus, it mirrors their overarching philosophy of marrying tradition with innovation.

As articulated by aBlogtoWatch, "A sapphire crystal is, in reality, a synthetic compound, which offers the transparency of glass, but the hardness of a natural sapphire." It's a testament to innovation and modern watchmaking techniques.

For brands like Arbutus, commitment to such nuances elevates the entire watch-wearing experience. The Manhattan AR1903, with its sapphire-coated mineral crystal, stands not just as a testament to time but to the timeless dedication of its creators.