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Swiss Collection

Swiss Collection

Swiss-made and Swiss movements are acclaimed for their quality.  Putting a modern spin to classics, Arbutus Swiss Collection offers artwork with precision.


Discover precision elevated to art. Dive into the world of Arbutus' Tourbillon Collection.

Wall Street

These timepieces embody the essence of power and resilience, capturing the spirit of Wall Street in every detail. 


Inspired by the vibrant spirit and artistic flair of SoHo, the Arbutus SoHo Collection encapsulates the essence of contemporary femininity.

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The Broadway collection has a harmonious blend of classic designs and innovative craftsmanship, reminiscent of the world's most iconic luxury watch brands.
Passion & Heritage

Our Story

Each carefully crafted timepiece embodies our profound reverence for the rich history of watchmaking, serving as a symbol of a watchmaker's unwavering commitment and passion.